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August Travel Highlight Reel

August Travel Highlight Reel

My last post was more than a month ago. I had a crazy August, filled with tons of work travel. Instead of shoulding all over myself, I took time to embrace the season and enjoy it the best I could. I wanted to share my tips on embracing a hectic schedule.

In just five weeks, I was in Ann Arbor, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. Since I only had a few hours of down time in each city and wanted to make the most of it. Before I took off, I did a little research about the city. I looked for restaurants and places I could travel on foot. 

First stop, Ann Arbor, for an NTP workshop. Highlight, Zingerman's. The Roadhouse WAS my favorite restaurant of all time but was quickly replaced by the deli as a noshed on 'Tarb's Tenacious  Tenure'. A turkey sandwich with fresh avocado spread, Wisconsin muenster cheese, tomato & plenty of Zingerman's Russian dressing on gluten free bread. I died.

If you're ever near Ann Arbor, do yourself a favor and stop by one of the Zingerman's restaurants. You won't regret it.


Next up, Indy. But I ran to Whole Foods for a salad in between meetings, so nothing to report there. WF does have a great salad bar, which is always an option when you're on the go.

Followed by Charlotte, NC. My plane was delayed for hours due to summer storms, so I snacked on this tasty combo:


While reading:


I got the RX almond butter as a sample and threw it in my backpack on a whim. It sure came in handy while I was waiting around the airport. Pro tip, pack snacks. Always. They come in handy eventually. Also, books. They come in handy, plus reading for pleasure is well, pleasurable. 

I got into Charlotte late, so I didn't get to do my exploring. I was a little salty, so I woke up early to grab breakfast at Luna's Living Kitchen before my meeting. The restaurant was a few miles away from my hotel, so I walked there and took a Bird scooter back. So fun!

I ordered avocado toast and a coconut milk latte.


Up next, Detriot. I found an amazing article on Pinterst, which I used to explore 'the D'. I started chocolate at Bon, Bon, Bon, a hip artisan chocolate stop in the heart of downtown. I ordered the 'Black Boar Truffle'. AMAZING. 


I loved the place so much I stopped in again before I left for some road candy. I grabbed Creme Brûlée, Dark Up and Earl Grey. Each was better than the last. You can order their chocolate online. Do that.

After treats, I headed to Dime Store for lunch. I ordered Brisket Tacos, recommended by the bartender. They did not disappoint. 


I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and my free time, so after lunch I took a walking tour of the city. I started with the Guardian Building, One Campus Martius and a walk along the river. Then, I had dinner with a co-worker and continued the tour, checking out the Lions stadium and the Z Parking garage. 


After a few days in Detriot, I was CHI-town bound. It was pouring rain when I got there, so I went to my main stay, Beatrix. It's a restaurant with something for everyone; coffee, burgers, bacon and eggs. I ordered a chicken sandwhich for lunch and a kale salad to-go. Full disclosure, I ate it in bed while watching 'Teen Mom'. 


It stopped raining long enough the next day that I was able to run along the Riverwalk. 


The tour ended with a quick trip to Cleveland. I got into town around lunch time and rented a bike to explore. 


Now, after a long weekend, I am back in my routine and so happy about it.

I spent the few days I had off deep cleaning my apartment, stocking the fridge and catching up with friends. Getting back to the basics has me feeling accomplished as refreshed! Oh and I built this shoe rack. Super excited about it.




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