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Dealing with Stress

Dealing with Stress

I’ve taken a hiatus from Whole Hog Nutrition for the past couple of months. My decision to step back from blogging was a personal one. I had/have a lot going on my life and felt it was in my own best interest to take a break.

Now that things have settled down a bit, I am ready to get back to my regular programming, this time with a change in focus; less on me and more on topics I’m interested in. I’d like this space to be one of continual growth and change.

I want to kick off this new chapter by giving you some practical tips for managing stress. 

This past months has been packed with work travel, moving, grief and some health stuff. I was overwhelmed by the idea of overwhelm and doing what I could to take it one day at a time.

Realizing that the only way through the stuff is to move forward, I focused on that. FOR AWHILE.

Photo credit, Stacie Swift, via Pinterest

Photo credit, Stacie Swift, via Pinterest

I let myself fall asleep in front of the TV. Yes, yes, I know. It's a terrrible habit that disrupts sleep, but a lot of nights, it was the only way I could sleep. 

I watched TV shows that I enjoy and made me laugh. Sounds silly and like a time suck, but for me, 'New Girl' and 'The Office' were exactly what I needed. Light-hearted humor reminded me what it was like to laugh but also allowed me to forget my problems.

Pulled back on exercise and opted for time outside. Walking and listening to music /podcasts.


Eating food that I like and is easy. I am not a foodie or chef. During this busy time, I relied on turkey and rotisserie chicken, crafting meals out of a handful of ingredients I had on hand. I didn't worry about food groups or vegetables, just making sure I ate something.

I talked to my support system about what was going on in my life. Unpacking it all helped me process what was going on and deal with the emotions.


I pressed pause on things that felt like too much. The blog was at the top of that list. I just didn’t feel like I could give you guys my all. Instead of half-assing it, I opted to take some time for myself. I’m grateful that I had the flexibility to do so and am thankful for those of you who stuck with me.

Tried really freaking hard to be optimistic. Everyone has a season of stress. Like anything, it’s just a point in time. I didn’t want this difficult time to negatively define me. Instead, I focused on what I could control. I set my sights on finding a new apartment, moving and settling in. I planned dinners, drinks and outings with friends and family. I got up and went to work every day, trying my best. I also tried to honor the things I am grateful for. Sometimes that was just that I had a new day to start all over again. 

Photo credit, C'est La Vie, via Pinterest

Photo credit, C'est La Vie, via Pinterest

Sometimes life sucks and everything feels hard. And I’m here to tell you, that is OK. You are strong and will get through this. Just take one thing at a time. One thing. Start small.

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