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Dinosaurs, Drinks and Dinner (Weekend Update)

Dinosaurs, Drinks and Dinner (Weekend Update)

I took Friday off work to have a little 'me time'. I spent the day catching up with friends, blogging and enjoying the sunshine. It was exactly what I needed to reset. 

Friday night, I just chilled. After working on blog post for a couple of hours, I was ready for a break. I made myself a BA Salad, munched on some Terra chips and turned on VICE Nightly News. 


I also treated myself to charcoal face mask. Love this stuff.


Saturday, I decided to go a Spinning class at my gym. I had to get there early to a reseve a bike, so I did some pull ups, jump squats and leg press before class started. Before I knew it, the class had started. I jumped on the bike and got to Spinning. It's been awhile since I've been to a class. Jumps, hills and sprints, oh my!


Spinning wore me out. As soon as I got home, I chugged some water and heated up a good portion of Butternut Squash Breakfast Bake and sauteed a bunch of kale. I was still hungry, so I snacked on an apple with almond butter before jumping in the shower.


After breakfast, I did some laundry and cleaned around my place. Then, I got ready to meet Andrew and Jeffrey downtown at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Before I headed out, I snacked on some turkey/salami roll ups and the end of my Terra chip bag. 


Jurassic Quest was at the Convention Center.  The perfect activity for a rainy day. We spent a couple of hours reading up on dinosaurs and digging for fossils. Jeffrey had a blast.


Andrew had a big week; he passed level one of the CFA exam and got a new job. We went out to celebrate. We initially planned to go BOCA, a fine dining restuarnt here in Cincinnati. After further discussion, he decided it was a little too much. We opted to watch the Bearcats at Woodbury, have a couple of drinks and a casual meal.

I ordered a glass of cab and he got a rye IPA. 


I was starting to get hungry again, so I ordered the nachos for us to share. And let me tell, ya that was the right decision. They were covered in roasted bell peppers, kidney beans, pickled onions, jalapeños and cheese. 


We watched the Cats dominate and sipped on another beverage. Moscow Mule for me, IPA for him. The game ended, we finished our drinks and headed to Gomez Salsa for dinner. When we got there, we learned their kitchen was closing because they ran out of a bunch of ingredients. We had Mexican on the mind so we decided to hit up Chipotle instead.

It was getting close to 10 p.m., so we ordered food to go. I got a chicken bowl with white rice, black beans and salsa. He ordered a chicken burrito and a side of chips and guac. I added some guac to my bowl and went to town. After spinning and walking around all day, I was hungry. I ate almost all of the bowl, with some chips. Worth it.

Sunday, got up and headed to Maplewood for breakfast. I ordered the eggs your way and he had the Chicken Hash. Most of their meals come with toast on the side, if you are gfree, like me, ask for fruit instead. This place always say yes. 


After breakfast, we stopped at Coffee Emporium for a cup of joe. I love slow Sunday mornings with my boo. It's my favorite way to spend the day.

I went home after and walked over to REI. It was rainy on Saturday. I wore my rain jacket but it wasn't replelling the water. Time for a new one. I did a little reserach before heading out and ended up with Marmont PreCip. It was on sale and had good reviews. Double win in my book.


After a little shopping, I enjoyed a walk outside and came home to work on this post. Now, I'm off to the grocery store to pick up some goods for the week. 

Let me know your weekend went in the comments!


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