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Practical Tips to Honor Your Body

Practical Tips to Honor Your Body

I was talking to Andrew the other day about my HA journey. I was struggling with areas of self doubt and wanted to share it with him. This was a very vunerable moment for me, admitting to someone I love that I do not always love myself. This conversation got me thinking.

You know the red car theory, right? The idea that we notice things that we have personal connection to. The connections can be based our expereience, desires or interests. These connections shape what we see and observe. An example; when your best friend buys a new car, you see it everywhere. 

My red car has been self love and acceptance. This journey has shaped the way I see and observe the world around me. Like I mentioned in my rant last week, diet culture is all around us. We are bombared with messages, telling us we are not enough. Sometimes those messages sink in and trap us in a negative feedback loop. I've been there and done that. Instead of playing victim to diet culture, I've come up with a few simple tricks to stop it right in it's tracks.


Get rid of anything that does not bring you joy. For me, this meant go through my closet and getting rid of things that didn’t fit or I just wasn’t into. I either donated the items or sold them to a local consignment shop. The act of removing the stress of ill fitting clothes from my life empowered me to own my body. 


Invest in yourself. Buy clothes that fit and make you feel good. I learned early on in this journey, if I am not comfotable in my clothes, I am not comfotable in my skin. I went out and replaced things slowly, starting with jeans. I treat myself to a new top, jacket or pair of work pants when needed but do my best not to go overboard. I like the idea of having a closet filled with things I love and wear.


Self care is a personal act. Do what works best for you. The main goal here is to show yourself some grace. This can be something that is simple as focusing on sleep. Relaxing. Reading. Bubble baths. Wine. Anything, really. If you can't think of an act of self care, spend some time reflecting on what makes you tick and do that.


Start each morning with an empowering affirmation. Here are some examples:

I am enough, I have enough. (my personaly favorite)

I am worthy.

I am loved.

I love myself.

I am deserving of love and attention.


Social media can be toxic. We've all heard the quote, the stories we tell ourselves reflect how we think, act and feel. I think social media has the same power. Follow people who make you feel good. Unfollow those who don't. And if it's all too much, take a hiatus. You won't miss much, I promise.

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