Welcome to my little piece of the internet. I'm your host, Stef, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, who loves coffee, running and real food. My mission is create a commuity for people like to you to feel empowered to live your best life! Now let's get started! 

It All Started with Food

It All Started with Food

June of 2013, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune condition that is trigged by eating gluten. I felt crummy for two years, so receiving a diagnosis was such a relief. After rounds of tests, I finally had the information I needed to move on with my life. I learned the disease could be managed by eliminating gluten (a protein found in wheat) from my diet. I was more than happy to do that if it meant feeling like myself again. So, I went cold turkey, totally eliminating gluten from my diet.

At first, this change was enough. After a few weeks, my energy was back, digestion improved and my headaches went away. I was ecstatic! Going gluten free was all I needed to feel normal again! This is easy, I thought. I can do this!

A couple of months into the gluten free thing, I heard about the Whole30; a 30-day nutritional reset aimed to heal your relationship with food and your body.  Participants commit to eliminate grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol and well, all processed foods for four weeks. 

Since a few friends were gearing up to do it, I said, why not?  We passed around a copy of Dallas and Melissa Hartwig's book, 'It Starts with Food', a not too science-y book about the power of nutrition and the rest is history.

The book and program, combined with my celiac diagnosis were what lead me down the path of personal wellness. For me, it did all start with food. After the Whole30, I immersed myself in the holistic health culture, subscribing to popular paleo blogs and podcasts. Following health and wellness gurus on social media and sharing my real food findings with anyone who would listen.

After a few months, I started looking into ways I could share my passion for health and wellness with the world. Thanks to Liz Wolfe and the Balanced Bites podcast, I learned about the Nutritional Therapy Association and their Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program.

Just like Liz, I was afraid to take the leap. I have a full time job in financial services, a degree in journalism and a million other reason why 'now' was never the right time.  So, I sat on it, for FOUR years. And then one day something changed in me. I was tired of my own excuses and fed up with myself for putting it off. So, I signed up, right then and there. June of 2016, I enrolled in the NTP program and one year later, I am now a certified practitioner. 

This blog is the next step in my journey. I created Whole Hog Nutrition to share my passion with all of you, hoping that I touch just one person with my story. 


Super Simple Grain Free Granola

Super Simple Grain Free Granola