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Christmas Weekend Update

Christmas Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with holiday activities. Saturday, I had a personal training session scheduled with my bestie. She works out with Josh Reed, owner of Reeds Wellness and Fitness and loves it. I've been in a slump with my gym workouts, so I thought I'd give it a try.

We met at Josh's studio at 9 a.m. and got to work on a warm up. It was a mix of dynamic movments and stretches. I am so bad about warming up but felt much more prepared for the workout after a couple of rounds of stretches. 

After the warmup, Josh spent some time getting to know me and goals. I told him I was bored of my gym routine and was looking for training on functional movements that I could incorporate at the gym. 

He prescribed the below workout. It was filled with functional movements, some of which were new to me. Josh was great, checking in on how we were feeling and correcting our form. Exactly what I wanted from this training session. The hour went by quickly and before I knew it, we were putting on our jackets and saying goodbye. 


Sarah and I made a date to go back next year! I'm really looking forward to it. I got home from the workout and heated up breakfast; the Butternut Breakfast Bake from the Autoimmune Wellness Handbook. 


My body was still craving carbs after breakfast, so I fried up a plantain in the skillet. I ate half of it and stored the other half in the fridge for later.


The rest of the afternoon, I cleaned, read and got ready for an evening with Andrew. We watched Starwars, opened presents and went to Gordo's for dinner. We shared an order of porkbelly nachos and each ordered a salad. 


I opted for the pear and blue cheese salad with grilled chicken. It's simple and delicious; greens, pear, walnuts, blue cheese, carrots, chicken and balsamic dressing. Just what I needed after a heaping helping of pork belly nachos. 


Sunday morning we woke up and made breakfast. Then, I went home to get ready for the Bengal's game and gather my things for Christmas. 


A few of our friends came over before the game. I sipped on Rhinegiest Dry Hopped Cider while they enjoyed a few craft beers. Around noon, we headed down to the game. It was pretty chilly, so we bundled up to watch the Bengal's. Since it was Christmas Eve and the boys had a less than steller season, the stands were pretty sparse, but we had fun watching them beat the Lions.


We all had family plans, so we left at the beginning of the fourth quarter. I ran home to get ready for Christmas Eve mass with my family as Andrew headed to Reading for his side.

I made it to mass just in time! I scurried into church and sat beside my brother as the children were coming down the aisle. Christmas Eve mass is a special tradition in my family. We've attended since I was in first grade at Saint Dominic. The school children participate by reading and singing. So cute.

After mass, we went back to my parent's, ate a little and headed to my aunt's for Christmas Eve. Classic Fuhr family photo.


After my aunt's, we piled in my mom's car and headed back to my parent's. I stayed up watching 'The Christmas Story' with my brother's before falling asleep on the couch. The sun woke me up Christmas morning. I brewed a strong pot of coffee and wrapped presents for my dad. Before long, the gifts were wrapped and the coffee was drunk. I got started on breakfast, waking up the house with Christmas music and fresh bacon.


We ate breakfast, opened presents and sat around chatting. Nothing beats a slow morning with your family. 

I am still laughing at this ornament my mom got me. It looks like Dwight Schrute running with a heat blanket. My mom added the blanket because she said it made him look more like a girl. LOL. Best Christmas gift this year, hands down.


After a while, I started getting restless. I bundled up and went outside for a walk around my parent's neighborhood. It was nice to get outside and feel the sunshine on my face. Sortly after I got back from my walk, Andrew came over. We hung out at my parent's, opening a couple of gifts and then headed home. I went to my place to shower and go on a quick run before meeting up with him in Reading. 


We hungout at his parent's, drinking wine, watching Bad Santa Two and cooking up and Italian Christmas meal before heading to bed. A great ending to a wonderful holiday weekend.

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