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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Things have been really crazy this holiday season, filled with parties, dinners and family events. Blogging has taken a backseat as I navigate through this busy time. And as much as I hate that I’ve taken a break, Imma let it go and pick up where I left off.

I hope you give yourself the same grace during this busy time. Instead of should-ing all over yourself, try your best to move on. 

I met my friend Gina at the telephone pole for a run Wednesday morning. It has been relatively warm in Cincy, around 45 to 50 degrees all week, which is amazing! The weather has made walking and running much more enjoyable. I’ve found myself craving time outside instead of dreading it.


Gina and I ran  little over four miles, weaving around Oakley and Norwood. I was feeling pretty clunky. I haven’t been doing so well with my yoga routine the past couple of weeks and my body is feeling it. My hips were really tight, throwing off my stride. I felt rusty like the Tin Man.


After the run, I hopped in the shower and then made myself some breakfast. I fried an egg and nuked some roasted sweet potatoes and a few sausage links and then added ¼ of an avocado. I knew this wouldn’t hold me over for long, so I made sure to pack a snack for second breakfast. 


I got to work, answered a few emails and noshed on a KiteHill yogurt and Nut and Seed Larabar. I felt really satisfied after that.



Lunch came around and I wasn’t too hungry. I munched on an apple a couple of squares of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate. The rest of my afternoon was packed with meetings. I bopped around the office from one thing to the next until it was finally time to go home.



In the car, hunger hit. When I got home, I dropped my stuff and made a quick meal; rotisserie chicken and pepperoni rolls ups, butternut squash and a pile of roasted broccoli. I was so hungry that I don’t think I even chewed my food.


My dad picked me up 20 minutes later to get some Christmas shopping done. We have an annual tradition of going out a few days before the big day to pick out gifts for my mom and brothers. It’s always a fun challenge for us. We have to get creative as most of the stores are picked over this late in the season. Last night was a productive one, we found something for everyone!

After shopping, I came home and ate another helping of squash and a turkey and pepperoni roll-up. I finished up the evening talking to Andrew and reading a few pages of ‘Prince of Tides’.

Christmas Weekend Update

Christmas Weekend Update

Meals in Minutes: Breakfast

Meals in Minutes: Breakfast