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Favorite Things: Holiday Edition

Favorite Things: Holiday Edition

I cannot believe today is December 1st. Insane. 

I  had a bunch of goals, but honestly, could not get it together this past month. I struggled  with motivation, all around. And instead of beating myself up about it, I am moving on. This month, I will be busy with holiday parties, Christmas shopping and family traditions. Instead of making a list of to-dos, I am going to lean into the season and spend time with those I love. And since I'm not goal setting, I thought I'd share what I'm lovely lately. If you're anything like me, you struggle with making a Christmas list. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration. 

Aerolatte Milk Frother: I love this little do-dad! It’s super simple to use and affordable! I use it to turn my collagen coffee into a latte, with little effort. I am all about that.



Joggers: Obsessed. I have a couple of pairs and live in them. I find joggers to be much more comfortable then leggings. Warm, too. And I don’t look too weird wearing them to walk or grocery shop.



HydroFlask: My little brother gave me this stainless steel water bottle last Christmas. It’s my prized possession. So much so that I left my first one on an airplane and went right to REI to replace it. I carry it around with me everywhere. It keeps water cold, no matter the temps outside. I leave it in my car during the workday and drink the water on my way home. Never stale or hot. The best.



Camp socks: It’s cold in Cincinnati, especially in the evenings. Insert camp socks. They are super comfy and look great with joggers.



Audible: Andrew gave me  a subscription for my birthday. I just redeemed it last month and have listening to audio books. Currently on deck, ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’. I know I am a little late to the HP game, but better late than never! This is a great gift for people who travel a lot or like to listen to books. The subscription comes with access to Audible shows, which they have tons of and a monthly credit to buy a book. I’m really enjoying it.



Bose Soundlink Color II: Along with the Audible subscription, he bought me this speaker for my birthday. It’s great. Amazing sound quality and stays charged for a while.



Patagonia Women’s Down Vest: I got this for Christmas last year and love it. It’s warm, the down doesn’t poke out and it has nice pockets. Perfect for long walks and looks good with jeans. Also, great with joggers.



Fun earrings: I love sparkly jewelry. My wardrobe is filled with basics. I add a little flair with jewelry. Right now, I am really digging earrings. My bestie bought me a fancy Kate Spade pair that I wear with everything.



Steve Madden Slip on sneakers: Another Christmas gift. My dad gave me a DSW gift card and these sneaks were the result. I’m not  much of a gym shoe and jean girl, these slip-ons merge that gap for me.

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