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Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I love the food, spending time with family and running the Turkey Day 10k. This year, Andrew's sister and brother-in-law were in town and we planned to run the race together. It didn't start until 9 a.m. and I woke up around 6 a.m., so I put pen to paper and wrote 'Thank You' notes to a few special people. 


After a couple of hours of writing, it was time to get ready to the race. It was 27 degrees Thursday morning and I wanted to dress warm, so I pulled on a pair of fleece tights, a long sleeve tech shirt and my running jacket. We all met up at Andrew's and headed downtown.

We jogged down to Paul Brown Stadium, with a few minutes to spare. The gun went off at 9 a.m. There was more than 30,000 people there and we found ourselves in the back of the line. Instead of waiting for 30 minutes, we bobbed and weaved our way through crowds of people to get to the start line. It was go time. We all took off in seperate directions, finding any space we could to get around the hoards of walkers. This race is unlike anyother, there are no corrals, only pace signs and most who show up for the event just show up as part of the tradition. They just get in line and do their thing. Which is fine, but can be annoying if you are trying to run. I didn't have any goals for this one, but ended up feeling really good and running well! I finished the 10K in just under 50 minutes, which came out to an eight mile pace. I'll take it. 


After we crossed the finishline, we headed to Coffee Emporium. Nothing like hot coffee to warm you up after a long run.


Andrew dropped us off and I jumped in the shower to get ready for Thanksgiving lunch at my parent's. When I got there, the food was ready. We sat down, said grace and got started. My mom had quite the spread; turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce. 


I made a plate with a little of everything; baked sweet potato, brussels, turkey and cranberry sauce (I like the stuff with the real cranberries. My brothers are all about the jelly. My mom is the best and buys both.) Everything tasted so good. 


After lunch, my dad and brother fell asleep watching TV as I chatted with my mom. I hung out at their house for a few hours and then headed to Andrew's parents for dinner.

I brought over gluten free pumpkin muffins, salad and a peacan pie my mom forced me out the door with. As soon as I got there, I pitched in, getting things ready before the rest of the family came over. 

These TJ muffins are the bomb! I bring them every Thanksgiving. The family loves 'em!

These TJ muffins are the bomb! I bring them every Thanksgiving. The family loves 'em!

Andrew's aunts, uncles and cousins  came over around 6 p.m. We sat downstairs, watched basketball and caught up while the turkey roasted. 

After a while, it was time for dinner! This meal was potluck-style, so we had a little bit of everything. Smoked turkey, stuffing, squash, green bean cassarole, mash potatoes, corn, salad and rolls. 

I was busy catching up with Andrew's family and failed to take a picture. I'm a little bummed because the table was set beautifully and the spread was impressive. Oh well, you'll just have to use your imagination here. I filled up my plate with turkey, mashpotatoes, corn and salad. Mixing my corn and potatoes, as I took bites of turkey. Delish.

After dinner, we clean up and then sat around with the family chatting and sipping red wine. It was a great Thanksgiving, filled with family, food and fun. I am so grateful to have such kind, caring and wonderful people in my life. They make the holidays special.

I hope you had a wonderful day, celebrating with your family.

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