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What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

I met my girlfriends at the telephone pole this morning for a three mile run. It was sprinkling a bit but nice to get moving and catch up. We kept it slow and easy, running three miles at 9 minute pace. It felt really great to chug along


After the run, I came home, showered and put a tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth to swish around. I have been trying different detox methods for the past couple of weeks and have been enjoying the benefits of oil pulling. It helps clear my sinuses, freshen breath, whitens teeth and pulls toxins from the body. I am going to post more about detoxification this week, but the gist is;


I pulled for 15 minutes while picking things up around my apartment when. When the time was up, I spit out the oil, gargled some salt water and brushed my teeth and tongue. So refreshing. After that was all said and done, I started making breakfast. Pulling turkey sausage of the freezer and cooked sweet potatoes from the fridge. I warmed the patties in a skillet and heated up the potatoes as my decaf coffee brewed in the French press.


Breakfast was made in the time it took to brew my coffee. I ate my meal and listened to ‘Living Experiment’s’ take on Television. It was an insightful episode on how we chose to spend our downtime and the effects of too much T.V. I really enjoyed it. Though I am not someone who watches much T.V., I do find myself using it as a tool to unwind. Especially with the days getting shorter. It’s dark outside so much earlier that I find it easier to clunk down in front of the tube much earlier than I have in the past months. I am going to take their advice and find other ways to use my down time.

As Pilar suggested, I made a list of activities I enjoy that could replace television. Here’s what I came up with:

·        Cleaning

·        Organizing

·        Epsom salt bath

·        Journal

·        Dance party

·        Walk

·        Blog

·        Read

·        Write creatively

·        Call someone

·        Paint my nails

·        Yoga

·        Cook

·        Listen to a podcast

·        Light a candle and just ‘be’

I got to work around 8 a.m., answered some emails, edited a user guide and hopped on a few conference calls. Lunchtime came quick. I had a salad, apple and almond butter with pumpkin pie spice and sea salt.

Salad; mixed greens, chicken, Boursin cheese, dried crans, almond slivers and a piece of bacon dressed with Tessamae's Balsamic

Salad; mixed greens, chicken, Boursin cheese, dried crans, almond slivers and a piece of bacon dressed with Tessamae's Balsamic

After lunch, I went back to my desk and prepared for an afternoon of meetings. After a few hours, I had a snack attack. Everyone in my office was eating cake. Since gluten is off the menu, I settled for a Greek-Style Kite Hill yogurt topped with a Nut and Seed Larabar. I love the creamy texture of this yogurt. It tastes just like the real stuff. 


Before I knew it, work day was over! I love when days fly by. On my home, stopped by Fresh Thyme to pick up a few things.

On Wednesdays, they have ‘double ad days’, where they honor the deals from this week and the week prior. They have all kinds of good stuff on sale all of the time, so I make it a habit to stop there. This week I had my eye on Vital Proteins Collagen and Natural Calm, both of which were 25 percent off.

I got home, unloaded my stuff and prepared for WHN client. I like to give myself a little time to switch from my corporate to nutritionist. I reviewed my notes, pulled up reports and lit a candle. Then, I spent some time working on this post. 

My stomach wasn't feeling so hot, so I grabbed a handful of roasted sweet potatoes and a Epic bar to munch on before meeting with my client. 


We had a really energizing meeting! I love this work. It makes my heart happy. I am going to run an errand or two and call it a night. 

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